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Sunday, February 10, 2019




TEXT: Matthew 25:14-30, Matthew 20:25-27, Act 6:3-4
According to Jesus’ Christ parable of the talents in (Matt 25:14-30) It shows how Christ gave different kind of gifts. 1st he gave five, second he gave three and third he gave only one according to their ability. So, likewise he gave different responsibility to all workers in the church for the profit and promotion of the work of God.

Can you believe that one given is not better than others, provided we use it judiciously for the purpose it was meant for it’s only the man with one talent that Jesus rebuked why? Because he was unfaithful to his responsibility.

Therefore: - The Lord rebuked him (v.26)
His talents was taken (v.28)
His destiny was horrible (v.30)
Note: Church should be seen as no man property either clergy or laity even if you are the chief pioneer. But everybody has been obligated to carry out his roles properly according to the Biblical pattern.


Duties of church workers. A church worker reading Bible

Duties: is the function that has been obligated to someone or group of people to carry out i.e. duty according to the talent given.

Qualities of church workers that God need

1. God is looking for a faithful church worker (Ezek 22:30).

2. God is looking for a faithful church worker who loves nothing more than God.

3. God is looking for a faithful church worker who fears nothing but God.

4. God is looking for a faithful church worker who hates nothing but sin

5. God is looking for a faithful church worker who is totally committed to God, regardless of what other think or say.

6. God is looking for a faithful church worker who desires to know Him regardless of the cost.

7. God is looking for a faithful church worker who is prepared to break tradition for the sake of obedience

8. God is looking for a faithful church worker who will not measure his success by the word’s standards

9. God is looking for a faithful church worker who desire to grow and mature through intimacy with Christ.

10. God is looking for a faithful church worker who will be a force, a driven force for the church and the society at large.

Are you qualifying for this vacancy?

Duties of church workers, Church Choirs


The emphasis of Jesus was on disciple. He made it clear that He is looking for disciples who will be rugged and disciplined to the core and ready to pay the price of his call. “disciples” appears 40 times, “believers” once and “brethren” 25 times.


Disciple comes from the world discipline. It means a learner and follower of Christ. A true disciple has four traits.

1. Know Christ intimately and personally – Gal. 1:13-16

2. Obeys Christ completely John 2:5

3. Serves Christ faithfully John 4:23-24

4. Shows Christ to others – Matt.11:28

Every worker is a disciple – I Tim.2:19-21 you can’t find it easy to work for God if you are not His true disciple.
Note: this if foundation of problem of some church workers today, many did not know the master that they are working for. This is the genesis of many troubles in our churches today.

Several stages of calling:

1. A call to repentance – matt.4:17, 9:13

2. A call to learn of Christ Matt 11:28-29

3. A call to a life of self-denial Lk 9:23

4. A call to a life of service Mk 16:15

5. A call to be a blessing to others John 7:37

Self-satisfied and self center people who are only out to enjoy themselves are not qualified to be his disciples.


Duties of church workers, church plastic chairs

1. Arrogant in ignorant of the purpose of your church and life

2. Been a mobile/unstable church worker

3. Always criticize destructively.

4. Opposing pragmatic and progressive ideas

5. Love tradition above revelation/antagonist to positive change

6. Been stingy and tight – fisted toward ministers/project

7. Irregular and addicted to late coming service

8. Agent of disunity and disharmony in the church

9. No free services but charge even at inflates the prices.

10. Steal church money because they are not born again Acts 5:1-11

11. Live contrary to the teaching of the bible

12. Spiritual and emotional immaturity Prov. 4:18-19

13. Carry rumor and spread bad news about the church

14. Instigate others church workers against pastor

15. Have no time to pray/intercede for the church

16. Fornication and drunkenness Prov. 5:15-22

17. Loving of position but hate responsibility



Duties of church workers are vary from one department to another base on the principles laid down and the activities been carry out by each department but there are duties that are common to all the workers in the church. There are the common duties of church workers

1. To be of help to ministers I Tim.5:17-18. No two leaders in the church. Other workers should not compete with pastors but compliment them in all ways, both spiritual and material.

2. Clergy must be ready to render their unconditional services because of Chief shepherded – Jesus,. (I Peter 5:1-4)

3. To contribute positively and pray for the growth of the work I Cor. 7:20

4. To build up unity and maturity ps. 133:1-3

5. To strength the truth of the Bible that Pastor preaches

6. To stand by the pastor at time of challenges

7. To serve of a source of courage for outreach and evangelism

8. To protect/Prevent/uphold the image of church with humility
Rom. 12: 1-2

9. To live by example so that new convert can see them as a role model

10. Serve in the best area of your calling as unto God Col. 3:23

11. Elders serve by leading: Deaconesses lead by serving, among their roles, handling church finances, look after building and assist the pastor in a number of ways to enhance their spiritual oversight Acts. 6:3-4


All hand must be on desk from clergy to laity. Elders, Deaconesses, Choir, interpreters, Sunday School Teachers, ushers, Sanitation, society and Departmental leaders etc. must rise to their duties and properly function to complement and never to compete with one another because we are all working for the same body. (God’s vine yard)
According to Daniel Webster “If we work upon marble it will perish; if on brass, time will efface it: if we rear temples they will crumble into dust: if we work upon immortal minds and imbue them with principles, with just fear of God and love of fellow men, we engrave on those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity then church of Jesus will be a role model to entire world.
Happy workers seminar

Author; Pastor C.A Olanrewaju

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