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Thursday, May 30, 2019




Introduction: "For this is the will of God even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication, that one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor" ( 1 Tess. 4:3-4, Col. 3:5, Eph. 5:3 ).

sexual immorality is one of the fastest ways the devil is taking many people to hell. It is a fact that we live in a highly "sexualized" world where almost everything around us promotes casual sex from T.V programmers, to advert, on bill board, etc. However, we Youth and teens of this end time need to guard their hearts judiciously, watch who we associate with; and place we go, so that we go, so that we do not become victims of this evil spreading in land.

One of the greatest biologically gifts God has given to man is sex, but from the Bible history, it has been abused, miss use and severally it has provoked the anger of God upon man. After the sin of idolatry, the next is sexual-related sin People call it civilization, normal, no big deal in it, part of life and expected of you as normal human being. Youth, it is time to run for our lives to fulfill the purpose of God on earth.


Question 1. What Is Sexual Purity?

Purity means no mixture, no dirty, no pollution, no stain, and no defect.

Answer : Sexual purity is receiving no sexual gratification from anything or anyone outside of your husband or wife, or before marriage.

Question 2. Why does Christians fall into temptation of sexual impurity?

1. Covetousness: The first things to discover on why many of our youth fall victim is covetousness. They are never satisfied with what they have, what their parents can afford; therefore they use their body to get what they want.

2. Bad Company: Many of our ladies fall victim of sexual harassment because of bad company. Who are your friends?

3. Internet Phonographs: This end, time Satan has robbed many of our youth lost their glory , virtues , virginity, through blues film, nude picture that litter the internet.

4. Wrong Information: Unfortunately some of our youth are not well informed on sexual matters, therefore they are deceived that premarital sex bring intimacy, that is the test of sexual and marital compatibility, and and that it provide cure of some aliment like stomach ache, rheumatism, masturbation etc.

5. Laziness: Many are lazy to study ahead for their examination therefore they look for short-cut to success, and by so doing they fall victim of desperate lecturers. 6. Broken Home / Bad Parenting

7. Campus freedom

8. Over Confidence: Taking kissing, hugging and caressing for granted.

9. Dry Influence: Use of alcohol and drugs eliminate ability to say NO.

10. Pressure from older guys

11. Poverty in her land

12. Indecent dressing

Question 3. What are the dangers of sexual immorality?

1. It brings you shame and dishonor.

2. It separates you from God.

3. It wounds your destiny.

4. It brings venereal disease like HIV/AIDS.

5. It brings unwanted pregnancy.

6. It brings spiritual blindness and death

7. It will make your leader or pastor sad.

8. It will make your parents sad regrets.

9. It can lead to a destroyed career prospect.

10. It will bring God's anger and judgment upon your life.

Question 4. What are the benefits of choosing not to have sex early in life before marriage?

1. Abstinence will make you strong spiritually and physically

2. Abstinence will give you divine favors e.g Mary, Elizabeth etc.

3. Abstinence will make you object of respect and honour among your peers of Daniel and Joseph.

4. Abstinence will prepare you for a reliable husband and wife

5. Abstinence will grant you Long life, peace and prosperity.

6. Abstinence will save you from sexual assassin e.g Samson and Delilah

7. Abstinence will save you from generational curse e.g Reuben.

8. It will protect you from glory loss

9. It will enhance your value, your worth more than rubies. 10. Abstinence will accelerate your financial promotion.

Hey Girl, Go And Break That Relationship Now.

If you are in primary, secondary, 100 level, you don't need love you need life. 

If he is having sex with you or smooching your Breast or fondling your body asking you to do blow jobs him. You are not a sex worker, you are not a prostitute. 

If a man does not believe in " ABSTINENCE ", then he is an accident on two legs, get out of his life. 

If he asks you to post your breast buttocks, or your private part to him and for his eyes alone on any social platform... He just insulted you, block him.  

If he asks you to ever have sex with his lecturers to get good grades for him or ask you to sex with someone to get any benefit, tell him he is the biggest mistake that ever happened in your life. 

If he threatens to break up with you because you say no premarital sex...look at him eye ball to eye ball ... Shoulder to shoulder...and tell him " YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU, BUT YOU CAN EVER FIND SOMEONE LIKE ME" walk away from him because you deserve the best.  

If he ask you if you are a Virgin, ask him is that why you want me, is my virginity all there is to this relationship? Don't disclose your virginity to anybody, is not an NTA news, they don't use it to collect money in any bank, it is your personal pride.  

Don't prove your virginity to any man, is your trophy.  

If he ask you to prove your love for him by opening your legs for sex...tell him the last time you check, sex and love are not the children of the same father and mother. Educates his foolishness and ignorance. 

Tell him love is about conviction and sex is about feeling. A feeling that comes from and goes. Tell him sex come from the head of a man and not his heart where love dwells. Tell him animals also have sex, are they proving love? Is PATIENCE not SEX if you love me you will obey God to wait till marriage.

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