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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Generational Greatness

generational greatness


Psalm 78:72, Pe.5:11-12


The general theme for 2018 Youth anniversary is  A COMPETENT AND RELEVANT YOUTH.
COMPETENT: This means having enough skill or knowledge to do something well or to the necessary standard.

RELEVANT: The quality of directly been highly considered.
The scriptures confirmed that God is a competent and always relevant God. According to the Psalm 78:72. So he fed them according to the integrity of his hand and guided them by the skilfulness (competent) of his hand.

Some youth are not balance on this Scale. Some have integrity of heart but lack competent of hand. There is no way we can do so greatly for God and the world at large without been competent. Its small mind that discusses other people, good mind discuss events but only great mind discuss idea, because ideas rule the world.
God is a generational God, no wonder He is called God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For us not to be a debtor to our generation we have to see far and acts generationally.


Note: Greatness I mean here is beyond material materials, fame, or money. But enduring virtues. For us to have generational greatness, there are some of the factors:

1.        Love God passionately – (Prov. 8:17’) I love those that love me. ... “until we show passionate love for God, we cannot live a fulfill life and law of cause and effect will affect us. Those that love great God are great people. Do you love God?

2.        Love God’s work- if we don’t truly love God we can’t love his work. Those that are ready to serve their generation (John 9:4) service attract honor.

3.        Watch your association (1 Corinthians 15:33)- The books that you read and association you keep will  determine where you shall be in the next five years. Bad association always reduces potential.

4.        Be passionate to your assignment and carrier – 90% of the people on earth are just working for a living, the true meaning of their assignment were in obscurity to them. You have not starts living if you don’t find a cause to die for. Its in your assignment that contain all the supply to your needs (Jeremiah 1:1-3)

5.        Ready to sacrifice- The high that a man attain does not come easily, study while others are sleeping, work while others loafing prepare while other are playing and dream while others are wishing – William ward. Some may not attain greatness in their life due to the lack of sacrifice. i.e. they lack what it takes to turn their vision to a reality, they always refuse to delay gratification for tomorrow enjoyment (Hebrews 12:12b)

6.        Steady obedience to instruction.
Those that refuse instruction always end in destruction and greatness shall be so far from them ( I Samuel 15:23)

7.        Spirit of humility (proverb 15:33)- This goes a long way on the way to greatness in life.
8.        Believe in your dream – (mark 11:23-24). Many could have gone so far in destiny but lack of self concept turn them backward. If you don’t believe in your dream nobody will believe in it too.

9.        Move from prosperity to posterity – our generation is in this so low level today due to our err-nous believe that materialism and accumulation of wealth is sole proof of our greatness. We need fresh orientation that wealth is just a proof of signal of greatness not the main point. When we put more value on good legacy, continuity of good works and meritorious services to humanity – we can be called great (Luke.12:15) big cars houses does not equal great life. Joy of fulfillment is beyond materialism. Please tell others.

10.      Competent and integrity- (Psalm.78:72) so many people are unbalance at this pivot point. Some are so competent i.e. the display of been skillful in their carrier but lack of integrity is killing them. Integrity is doing good when no man seem notice.

11.      Spirit of persistent- what cut many heroes of our day short is lack of persistent. No room for endurance, immediate pleasure of today is highly welcome, forgetting that tenacity of the weed is needed for true vision to be materialized.

12.      Operation (P.U.S.H) pray until something happen – A lot of believers pay all the price needed for greatness except spiritual price. (James 1:6).

Conclusion, we need to know that greatness is beyond what a man have but who He is.
Anybody considered to be great must be a true lover of God, mankind, integrity, light, be a light to the darken world , hate immorality with passion, He should not impoverish his neighbor and be ready to live a sacrifice life for the benefit of human race, then we can say indeed that we have true generational greatness.

 Happy Anniversary.

Author; Pastor C.A Olanrewaju

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