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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Kind of youth that will make eternity with Christ



As youth is a powerful instrument in which God is using to carry out his eternal purpose on earth, so also youth is a powerful instrument in which the devil is using to carryout is Assignment on earth. Devil makes use of the youth to carry out some bad act such as killing, stealing, money ritual, fraud, sexual immorality etc.

The most dishearten thing is that the devil use these youth and humiliate them, he use them and discard them, he use them to destroy their destiny, contaminate their destiny, dilute their destiny. He use a man till he becomes empty, he never preserve him, it is just a pity that most youth are not sunshine enough to understand that there is a need for them to be careful because the devil is as a roaring lion walketh about seeking for destiny he will destroy, not only destroy but send to hell (a place prepared for him).
 Many youth are under the yoke of the devil because they had refuse to listen to the voice of him who hath created them, they have refuse to follow The Right Path, and they had refuse to surrender totally their life to God.

God our father is looking for youth who will help him accomplish his eternal plan on earth, he is looking for youth who will be a pacesetter to others, he is looking for youth who will present him/herself a vessel unto honor not to dishonor. He is looking for a Holy and righteous youth who will be career of power. 

He is looking for youth who will set the world ablaze for him, he is looking for youth who will draw many damage lives and destiny back to him, he is looking for youth who will love him with all his heart, soul, mind and strength, he is looking for youth that will love him passionately, he is looking for youth who will love him than the perishable things of these world, he is looking for youth who will give his life totally for him, he is looking for youth who will serve as an agent of revival, he is looking for youth who will serve as a threat to the kingdom of darkness through his violence prayer and burning passion for dying souls, he is looking for youth, who will raise up his royal banner of righteousness, he is looking for youth with bended knees and burdened heart. 
Are you that youth? Are you living, a life that is equivalent or in alignment to these, it is beyond you calling yourself a Christian, it is a matter of you having a personal encounter with God. It is a matter of you waking up to your responsibilities. As a Christian youth, it is a matter of you surrendering your life to Jesus, it is a matter of you dropping everything that is hindering you to be use by God.

Proverb 20:29 make it known that “The glory of the youth is their strength”, what are you doing with your strength? What are you using your strength to do? Eccl. 12:7 charges you as a youth to “Remember the Lord, God thy creator in the days of thy youth”Listen if you are not been use by God, you will be use by the devil, it either God reign in you or devil reign in you, sleeping youth rise up, wake up, be sensitive, the devil is winning, your responsibilities as a Christian youth is almost taken by the old men and women the prophesy in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17, is almost been reserve, youth are now dreaming instead of prophesying, the old men are now prophesying instead of dreaming, why not let us rise up to our responsibilities, it is up to you and me to prepare the way for the Lord, it is high time we give God charge of our life, hmmm, listen to these, God will use you and glorify you, he will use you and encourage you when you are discourage, he will use you and decorate your life with good things, he will use you and preserve you, he will use and exalt you, he will use you and furnish your life, he will use you and never dump you, he will use you and beautify you, why not accept and surrender totally to him, if you have, then Rise up to your responsibilities, you are the powerful instrument God wants to use to fulfil his eternal purpose, use you strength to do something of great magnitude, relevant for God, live a sanctimonious life, flee  youthful lust, separate yourself from ungodliness, prepare yourself in order to be use by God. It is your duty to make and work out your salvation, it is your duty to live a holy life, it is never the duty of God, live a Holy life because “Something clean can never come out of uncleanness Job 14:4” Rise up and take up your responsibilities, you are been raise up to raise others. Joseph was raise up in order for him to save his family and other lives from famine which should have destroy them, Esther was raise up in order to save the people of God from been destroyed in his own time, David was trained and raise up, so he can deliver Israelites from the hand of the philistines which he did.

Noah was raise to save the obedient soul from flood through the building of an ark, Paul the Apostles was raise and impact positively into the life of many Christian, he did that by writing many epistles in the bible which has and is contributing greatly to the life of many Christians. Everyone is raised or created to carryout given task and fulfils a given purpose on earth, yes there are challenges and tribulations but holding and depending on God will make us overcome, there is no life, free from challengeschallenges are to build us, from us, mold us, shape us into that which God wants us to be.

Ask yourself these questions, why am I created, what is the reason for my living, why am I raised up?

Say these confession, I am raise to raise many life and generation, I am raise to make impact (Positive impact) in my generation, I am raise to touch lives, I am raised to fulfils God’s eternal plan on earth, sin will not stop me, challenges will not stop me, tribulation will not stop me, I will make impact in life, I will not make an ordinary impact but a positive impact, an unforgettable impact, a remarkable impact, I will live to fuifils my destiny, I will live to fulfils God’s eternal purpose on earth, I will not be a wasted resources, I will not live a life of Zero Account.

I will not live a regrettable life; heaven will not regret over my life, I will not misuse the grace of God over my life. Hummm, Samson was raise or created to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines, Judge 13:5, but he failed God, he failed his generation he failed himself, he died without carrying out his assignment, he went out of God’s track, he walk in his own way, he was not careful and sensitive enough, he was a great man with great glory and anointing, but he died in useless way, he died with his enemy.

Ask yourself am I still on God’s track with the way am living my life, can God use me to carry out his eternal purpose on earth? Am I a vessel unto honor or dishonor? Does heaven recognize my existence on earth, am I a powerful instrument in the hand of God? Am I a vessel of gold or of silver, or of wood or of earth? (2 Tim. 2:20).

The earnest expectation of Mankind, awaits the manifestation of sons and daughters of God’s.

Are you among the powerful sons and daughters of God the world is waiting for?


Author; Sister Adegoke Abigail

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