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Friday, May 31, 2019

how to avoid poverty and leave a better life


Poverty is often means “afflicted, wretched, distressed, needy i.e. one ill-treated or suffering social poverished or reduced in means but not necessary without property”. The poor are those deprived of life’s basic necessities.

God is not a poor God and He created us in His own image of holiness, righteousness and prosperity. It is the will of God that we enjoy financial freedom / prosperity, good health and spiritual prosperity. God cannot force anyone to be rich or poor but He has placed abundance and laid before us to choose from (Haggai 2:8-9). What you do everyday / what you fail to do shows the one you have chosen and exactly that will come to you. Wealth is a choice and poverty is also a choice.

What is Wealth:-  

Wycliffe Bible Dictionary defined wealth as possession of something in quality represents riches. To have abundance of something means one is wealthy or rich. In scripture, the idea of wealth or riches is used in various ways - of things material and things spiritual (1 Chr. 29:12, Phil. 4:19). Possession of great material wealth is not condemned in the bible. Some of great men of faith are men of means, e.g Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Barnabas, Joseph of Arimathea, Philemon, etc are all well to do people.

Four (4) Dimensions of Wealth Possession:- (James 2:5) i.e four classes of people

(1) Those who are rich in things of this earth and poor in Spiritual assets.

(2) Those who are poor in this world but rich toward God.

(3) Those people who are poor in both heavenly and earthly.

(4) Those people who are rich in both earthly and heavenly blessing.

N.B: God’s prime concern is not what a man has, but how he uses the wealth he possess.

20 facts about poverty around the world today: 

The absence of financial freedom has many reasons, let’s see a few

1. Ignorance (Hosea 4:6) 

Knowledge is power; ignorance is weakness, poverty and shame. Ignorant people don't know their covenant right in God. Once you discover whom you are as God has designed you to be, you will reject poverty, sickness and hardship. Anyone that does what he/she is supposed to do will become wealthy, rich and prosperous. Ignorance of wealth creation principles and universal laws of abundance have kept many in penury.

2. Living beyond One’s Means

Most people who are poor live their lives trying to please people who don't like them. Some use money they don't have to buy what they don't need in order to impress people they don't like; they engage in spending on liability more than asset. Most Ministers and Christians, their problems are self-inflicted. They spend more than they earn.

3. Laziness (II Thess. 3:10, Prov. 26:14, 12:27, 14:23, 6:6-7, 10:4)

It is the law of the Lord that if any would not work, he should not eat. Laziness is a major cause of failure in people’s lives. Laziness causes people to spend their time watching television for several hours daily and discussing issues that don't take them forward. Laziness is a major cause of poverty. Lazy people are known with giving excuses as their trademark. Lazy people blame others for their failure, they are greedy, have entitlement mentality, love being idle, love to sleep, love alcohol, sex, drugs. They don't like to pay the prize of wealth. They don't develop themselves. They complain of money, time and other factors.

4. Eating of Seed (Gen. 8:22)

Poor people hate to sow seed. They have several untenable reasons for not sowing seed for their tomorrow or the work of God.

5. Trying to get Rich Quick

It is more popularly said that more haste less speed. Wealth building is a journey not a destination. Building wealth is like building a house where you fix a block at a time. If you suddenly acquire wealth, you will accidentally return to poverty level.

6. Spending Money on things that Depreciate

Poor people spend on dresses, cars, furniture, big houses, etc flamboyant while rich people spend on seminars, training, development, books, investment, etc.

7. Poor Time Management (Psalm 90:12)

The quality of your life is determined by the effectiveness of your time management. Time lost cannot be saved. It is perishable and can be spent in different ways. Time management is a skill that can be learned with practice and discipline. Time management is really personal management, management of your daily activities and life. Time is the raw material of live; don't waste it. 24 hours daily is a free gift to all and it determines whether you will be rich or poor in life.

8. Bad Company (I Cor. 15:33)

To a very great extent, your company will influence what you become in life. Two things that determine what you become in life are people you associate with and books you read.

9. Love for Freedom

Poor people don't want to be under the control and authority of others. Uncontrolled freedom leads to total failure in life. Some think they know it all. They don't value the roles of mentors in their life. Many have paid a lot for this at latter part of their life.

10. Impatience (I Sam. 15:22-25)

A servant of God, David said, “I waited patiently for the Lord: and He inclined unto me, and heard my cry”. The importance of patience in life cannot be over-emphasized. There is gap between sowing/reaping times. If you jump up, you remain up. Decide today to grow wealth by being patient. If you appear before your time, you will disappear soon. Your level of preparation determines your manifestation. Saul failed to wait enough for Samuel’s arrival.

11. Prayerlessness (Matt. 7:7-12, Deut. 8:1

God gives everyone power to make wealth. If you want to make wealth, ask in prayer. When you fail to pray for your prosperity, you become a victim of poverty. Prayer can move mountain. Little is much when God is in it. Prayer is a spiritual phenomenon to move God’s hand. Believers cant do much in life if he is too lazy in divine communication with God. John 3:27, James 4:1-2.

12. Procrastination

Procrastination is a thief of time and one of the greatest obstacles to prosperity. Execution is everything. Every procrastination works negatively on your life and finances. Where you are today is because of how you used your time in the past. What you need to do today, don't keep it for tomorrow.

13. Curses (Gen. 49:1-5, 3:13)

The spiritual world controls the physical world. Some people are poor because of seed of curses placed on them either as a result of their personal or generational offenses committed. Find out the cause of poverty in your life and destroy it. Potential without proper application lies wasted.

14. Lack of Clear Vision (Hosea 4:6, Hab. 2:1-4, Prov. 29:1

Some people die poor as a result of lack of a specific vision of their life. Men without goal are like goats. It’s a sharp vision that will give life a sense of purpose/plan. Vision always gives birth to provision, and without this no provision and life can end in abject poverty. Missionary are real and always go ahead of merely visionary. Turn your vision to mission is antidote for poverty.

15. Contentment with Average and Inability to take Risk

Average is the worst of the best and best of the worst. Where better is possible, good is not enough. Many who suppose to be hero of our generation died in obscurity due to complacency and fear of taking the risk. But unknown to them that the greatest risk in life is not to take any risk at all.

16. Unseriousness and Carefree Attitude

Some failed and died poor as a result of lack of passion in what they do as profession. No one succeed in life without being passionate in his or her work. When you stop passion, you stop earning. If you hope to succeed, you must be passionate about your purpose in life. The degree of your passion about your purpose in life determines the degree at which you will be accepted.

17. Disobedience to God (Isaiah 1:19, Deut. 28:1-5)

Some are poor in life as a result of their hardened heart and willful disobedience to God. Even when they discover the mind of God on their journey, they failed to cooperate with God and His word.

18. Negative Confession and Mindset

Our heart is the engine room of the Holy Spirit to dwell and affects us positively. Due to bad foundation, some have lost to negative confession and poor mindset. Richness starts from the heart. If your mindset is poor, your life shall also be poor for as a man think in his heart, so shall it be.

19. Pride, Conceit and Arrogance (James 5:6)

Pride is the downfall of some people. Arrogant people count themselves good and know better than anyone. If at all they have charisma and potential to be rich, they couldn’t because of their character. God didn’t look on them for anything great but He resists them.

20. Giving Up Too Soon and Quick

Some are poor because they lack persistence, endurance and continuity in their dealings. They concentrate on failure than success. Don't treat your failure as a foe but as a friend. Failure can become your best teacher and trainer; it all depends on your reaction and action towards it.

Make First Attempt In Learning Under Real Experience. Don't give up too soon; don't take up failure too personal. Everybody fails e.g. Abraham Lincoln failed 14 times in business, politics and family before he became the best American President ever. Albert Einstein failed Mathematics in school. The inventor of light failed 50,000 times before he succeeded. The result of football at half time is not final score. Failure doesn’t mean you will  not succeed, it only means you have to work smarter.


God whom we claim we are serving established in His word that He is not and can’t be a poor God. The mindset of God must be injected to our mindset and work seriously in elimination of above named factors that are epistemology and foundation of abject poverty in life of man. Deal with it because poverty is serious sickness; reject it because it is not in personal project of God for you. At end if balance proportion is in place, poverty shall turn to prosperity and we shall be heavenly conscious and still be earthly relevant. Refuse to live/die like poor Lazarus but have the good mindset like prosperous, wealthy and Holy Father Abraham.
See you at the top.

Author Pastor C. A. Olanrewaju



Lesson: Matt. 6:2-8, 16-18, Mark 7:6
The Christian life demand truthfulness and transparency. God is
straightforward in His dealings with us without being crafty and cunning.
It is devil and his cohorts that have the nature and exhibits deception and craftiness. God did not call us to an inconsistent Christian life but to live that is patterned after Christ. It is a life of sincerity in all spheres of life; business, academics, ministry, marriage, office, street, government, market place, sport, etc.

It is sheer hypocrisy to practice Christianity only on Sundays when we go for worship services or when we see other Christians around us. The hypocrites are deceivers who call on God in vain, their hearts are far away from God; they indulge in showoff promoting their personality than the image of God. They want to show people that they are holier and closer to God than anybody. This type of lifestyle cannot be steadfast or stable in faith; it is an environmental Christianity that is influenced by the prevailing circumstances. In other words, let us learn how to shun hypocrisy in prayer, almsgiving, fasting and other works of faith. Don't try to impress people in any of these areas but live to please God.

It is God that will reward you and not man. “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for you serve the Lord Christ, but he who does wrong will be repaid for what he has done, and there is no partiality (Ref. Col. 3:23-25). It is also written in the book of Matthew 23:28-29 that “Even so, you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness; woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you build the tomb of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous”.

Brethren, shun hypocrisy and be sincere to God and men.

Author; Sister Jumoke Okunsolubo

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