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Saturday, June 1, 2019

10 Qualities And Benefits Of Being a Church Worker



The word “Loyalty”- means the quality of been faithful to your friends, principle or country even an organization. Today, 90% of ministers and leaders say they are tired of dealing with disturged, double-faced and disloyal associates. But the sad reality is that such types of people are in majority in church of today. Psalm 12:1 “Help, Lord: for the godly man ceaseth: for the faithful from among the children of man. The faithful fail form among the children of man. This was the heart cry of David probably after bad experience he had in the hand of King Saul.

From generation to generation every movement of God in human history usually needs a man that is so loyal- faithful, hold firmly to God’s principle. ( Ezekiel 22:30)

John 1:6 – There was a man sent from God. The man is always more important to God than anything else. The leading of God always start with a man that loyal to the call, which shall then transform to movement. I am of opinion that the Genesis of disloyalty in the society or within the church is a carryover of wordliness and carnality to the church, many of us have forgotten that the real and authentic meaning of worker/leader in the church is servanthood. (Matthew. 20:25-27) Jesus condemned gentiles way of leading and command them that whosoever that want to be a leader among you should be your servant.


1. Genuine regeneration – John 3:3, 2corinthians 5:17

2. He is satisfied/clean by the word – John 17:17

3. He has experience of holy-spirit baptism with evident of the fruit of spirit – Galatians 6:22

4. He is free from work of darkness and carnality – Galatians 5:19-22

5. He has deep heart for the word of God/ready to be dower  - James 1:22-24

6. Always prayerful, watchful and heavenly minded – Luke 18:1

7. He is consecrated/dedication for God’s work he is a faithful servant not a forceful one.

8. He is personate to evangelism – Matthew 26:19-20

9. True lover of God and the people – Romans 5:8

10. Always teachable, available and faithful in service – Proverb 8:17

11.  Note: Those that are too big for small assignment shall be to small for big work.


Disloyal come in when the workers are no longer truthful, honest and transparent to their leaders. This also manifest when you are doing things without the knowledge of your  leader, you disrespect and suddenly discover that you are now older, wiser and better than him financially, materially and spiritually.


1) Being irritated anytime you are corrected –Proverb 26:12

2) Poisoning your leader in the mind of others – Proverb 27:6

3) Always happy when things go wrong in the church – Proverb 28.10

4) When you start thinking that you are the best e.g.  Pastor, Elders or Deaconess. You are replaceable (1King 19:16,18)

5) Going round members houses to carry the rumors of the church, workers or ministers for your glory.

6) Constant complain to others about your leader/workers

7) When you think too much attention is being given to your leader. E.g group of Korah (Numbers 16:1-15)

8) When you have a “monkey day work, baboon dey chop” mentality.

9) When you support and approve someone who did wrong – Proverb 14:7 Note: Elders should support minister whenever they are fighting sin, injustice and immorality in the church

10) Listening to your unspiritual spouse who advices wrongly

11) When you continually give excuses to justify your wrong doing due to your money or position in the church

12)       When you claim your rights at the expenses of the team

13) When you are greedy of gain, covetous, fight for promotion and recognition

14) When you feel you don’t owe anybody any explanation for your action

15) When you speak in double- tongue, lying, proud because God used you to plant churches/donating money for God’s project, so nobody can check mate your excess (Psalm. 24:1). Those that are not humble will tumble – James 4:6


Matthew 8:8-9 ..... “ He said for I am also a man under authority” i.e  centurion  know the power of authority. To be under authority means to be accountable to someone, not being all in all, but submissive, teachable and responsible to a capable and godly leader. What to do to become a loyal church worker.

1)    Be convinced to follow Him. Joshua 1:1: When you are convinced by God to follow and serve a leader than you are ready to follow well. Nothing he does will make you to be offended/disloyal

2)    Be sensitive to the personality of your leader: Every leader has temperaments and are of different personality. Study to know him so that you can build a good relationship with him. (Amos. 3:3)

3)    Imbibe his vision. (Proverb 29:18): a loyal church worker has no separate vision from that of his leader. When you identify your role in his vision, it shall be a blessing to you too.

4)    Be trust worthy – Philippians 2:19-21, Luke 16;10: Be a worker/minster of integrity. Not with eyes service or a men pleaser, but as someone doing the will of Lord from the heart. Some people defraud the church with fake receipt.

5)    Do more than is required – Philippians 2:21: Loyal church worker don’t do only what is required of them and stop. Stop thinking what church can do for you but what our generation can do for us to live unforgettable legacy. i.e. at our various department.

6)    Intercede for your leader: One of the best ways to assist your leader is to pray and intercede for him. There are battles the leader is facing because of the work.

7)    Giving – (Luke 6:38): God is a God of order, he called Levites and appoint them out of 12 children of Jacob to maintain the temple of God and be priest to His people. Likewise church should give her best support financially, morally as God enables to support the ministry of their leaders.


1)    Favour of God/man – Psalm 103:13-14, Proverb 28:23

2)    Generational promotion and increase – Joshua 1:1

3)    Blessing of Abraham in your house Proverb 28:20

4)    A role model to rebellious and disloyal people in the church

5)    Peace and joy of heart – for good/faithful service. Proverb 29:6

6)    Heaven at last (Revelation 22:12)


If the leader  too can have godly heart, loyal to God, live a model life of Christ, inspired/godly vision, love and concern for the lives of his people and courageously dealth with disloyal people, there shall be rapid growth of the church which shall reach non- church people for a better society.

Happy refresher course.

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