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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Characteristics and Qualities of an effective worship ministers




There are lots of praise concert, extravaganza, worship teams, worship leaders and lots of activities. There is praise worthy efforts; however there are many practices that are questionable.

BIBLICAL FOUNDATION– Psalm 100:1-5; Psalm 9:11; 33:2; Peter 2:9

Praise and worship means expression of gratitude, appreciation and to God our creator. As choir we must build house of praise to the lord (Ps22:3) (50:23) (john 4:23-24)

     1. Praise/worship must be our life style –John 4:24

     2. While it is a duty of all, it is a ministry to some people (choir)


We have worship minister, praise teams and chorister who usually lead the congregation into the presence of God in music and worship. The reality is that not all of them possess the required qualities to do this effectively. An authentic praise and worship ministers must have these attribute Luk17:16

Characteristics and Qualities of an effective worship ministers are
(1) Know the lord of the psalms intimately- (saved)/love him personally 
(2) uses spiritual gifts, not just natural talents. 
(3) Must be devoted and spirit-filled believer 
(4) Knows the hymns and receives from the Lord 
(5) Anointed tongues and clean, pure life style 
(6) Spiritual ability to bring presence of God down and bring people there 
(7) A true prayer intercessor and bible based person (ps1:1-3) 
(9) A kind, gentle, loving and Christ like person with godly attitudes.

If any of the above characteristics and qualities is missing in your life as a worship minister or chorister, your worship may go beyond the ceiling of your place of worship and even though if the people on under that ministry were bless you in particular will not be bless.

How can a fornicator, drunkard lead other to Christ whom he did not know? But several have repented through the dynamic ministry of regenerated singers like Chercles Wesley is an effective worship leader who wrote more than five thousand songs that God has used and is still using to bless millions of people till today. Ira Sankey was also a worship leader that led millions to the lord with songs in the meeting of Torrey.

Ask yourself this question; were people receive divine thought whenever you minister or they see you like just an entertainer? your answer will tells you if the qualities and characteristics of an effective worship ministers is still functioning in you.


Someone wrote in an article with the tittle: some Christian music artist in Nigeria cannot lead you to Christ, I totally agreed because of some error:

1. Immorality/ungodly chorister/worship leaders today. Psalm 1:1-5

2. Unscriptural lyrics been singing in the church and Christian meetings

3. Shameful dressing, exposure of body part, canal performance, and gyration

4. Hatred to the word of God and commercial motives

5. Drugs, alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking choir

6. Mobile ministration without a local church base

7. Focusing only on praise and worship at the expense of godly living.

8. Meaningless lyrics but heavily demonic inspired music and dance

Too many Christian songs, concerts and artists today are unbeliever atheist and sinners using their natural talent for commercial purpose. The more reason we see much more damaged lives than transformed.

Warning: if truly we are going to heaven we should not join them.

Conclusion:  our praise and worship service must not be in tongue but in deeds and truth (1peter 2:9) live of obedience, be humble, man of prayer, remove any impediment between you and God. Clean your heart from sin, lust (fornication) grudges, and bitterness. Don’t pursue performance but have a secret place with the Lord for you to be a channel of blessings to people.

Your life and manner of living must glorify God before your mouth can praise him acceptably.

Remember: those who don’t know Jesus of Nazareth cannot describe him to others

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