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Friday, September 6, 2019



According to the book of Matt2:2 revealed that after the birth of our Lord, at Bethlehem wise men from the east asked where the king that was born, for we have seen his star, and we have come to worship him.

The wise men were gentiles, and not belonging to the commonwealth of Israel, they were men of East called Arabians. The presents they brought were the products of that country. Why? as a result of star of Jesus they saw from east.

The word star – is defined within the context of thesaurus as a famous and successful actor in an events of life i.e the celebrity.

As the youths of end time which constituted about 70% of population of Nigeria according to the research. We need to become the shinning star of our generation as Jesus Christ had said in matt 5:14 “ye are the light of the world.........”


To become a world shining star, you need to take series of steps and actions. The following are the major steps or things to do for us to become a shining star which are objective of research

1. Be the lover of God: 1King 3:3

“And Solomon loved the Lord…...” for us to shine dispute of gross darkness of our days, we need to love God with sincerely of purpose. Prov 8:17, Deut 6:5. Many youth are not productive because they hate their creator with passion. The haters of God cannot shine in the kingdom.

2. Know the Lord personally: (Daniel 11:32)

They that know the Lord their God shall be strong and do exploit. It is category of people that are spiritual Jews, that have had encounter with Jesus of Nazareth that can shiner as a morning star.

3. Right Association:

For you to shine at your destiny and carrier in life you need to be very watchful of the association you keep I Cor 33:15, Prov 13:20.You will be the same person in five/ten years except for two things: The book you read and association you keep. 85% of your success in carrier and happy life is highly determined by the relationship you keep.90% of your success in life generally will be determined by the association you habitually move with, brethren who are your companies?

4. Have a big dream- (Gen 37:19)

‘’And they said the dreamer cometh’’. Joseph became world star in Egypt because of his dream. Dream is a life passionate life protection. Ability to see with insight for the next 5 to 10yrs ahead. When your dreams are small you cannot manifest big light. e.g. South African’s former president Nelson Mandela at age 12 had a dream of liberation of his country, the dream followed him to the prison for 27years till he become the president at 75. Do you have a clear dream of your carried life. Some youth cannot burn midnight candle on their dream talkless of die for their dream. The light that any man attain in life does not come by mere wishing, but stand up in the night which their contemporaries are sleeping and waste away.

5. Obey the law of focus: Prov.29:18.

“where there is no vision people perish. Thomas Carlyle says “A person with a clear purpose will make progress on even the roughest road. A person with no purpose will make no progress on even the smoothest road”. No matter how prestegeous your carrier or profession might be, if you don’t have clear go you can not shine in it. Goal must be timely, specific and achievable. Highly successful people in life have clearly written goals and they know exactly what they want to accomplish in each area of their lives. Do you know the purpose of your living?

Seven Steps to Goals Setting and Achievement 

1.) Decide exactly what truly you are created to be e.g. in finance, family or carrier
2.) Write down your goal – research says that 95% of people who didn’t pen down their goal are been ruled by 5% of goal achievers. (Hab.2:2)
3.) Set a deadline for each goal
4.) List everything you can think and do that shall make the goal achieved
5.) Determine the order of important
6.) Take action on your plans immediately. Get busy with your life and carrier. Don’t delay many great plan die for lack of implementation (Ecc.9:10)
7.) Do something every day that motivate you toward achievement of your carrier. (Phil.3:13)

6. Go for the carrier you are best at doing ps. 37:4

What do you have natural talent for? Stimulate your passion, what flow from you naturally? Where did you excel or have competitive advantage in? What carrier or ministry do you have peace and joy in? What you truly enjoy doing is your area of calling. Note: 96% of adults go to work in a place they never liked to go. This is why about 4% call the shot in any set up. Be original

7. Be competent – (Ps.78:72) 2 Tim.2:15, Lk 4:16 )

For you to be a start you need to be competent many want a very good life but they died wishing because they failed to take responsibility of been competent. Set yourself apart from the crowd by being the person who is growing fast in your career than anyone else. Your first degree or knowledge will be obsolete or irrelevant within five years.

8. Become an expert in your field.

This can only be possible when quest for mind of creativity (Prov.22:29) the law of integration complexity says “ the individual who can interpret and use the greatest amount of information in any field shall soon rises to the top of that field”. Aim to be expert in your career.

9. The power of goodly character. Daniel 6:23.

Many could have gone so far in life and shine as star to the world but bad character soil them,. The power of good attitude, integrity and faithfulness is highly needed. There are several men of talent, gifts, competence but only few men of character.

10. Have a mentor – (Prov.11:14) Luke 16:10

A Chinese proverb states “ a single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month of study of books” dictionary defined mentor as “ a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher. You must treasure every moment you have access to a qualified mentor. For you to go fast in life you need to stand on the solider of your coaches. Mentor give you perspective, proficiency, wisdom and save you from school of hard life.


word of God is constantly true that we are the light of the world (Matt.5:14) if you can meticulously put above points into consideration you shall be a celebrating star.
God bless you. 

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